Tomoana's aquifer is recharged with some of the world's finest quality water from the Ruahine Ranges.

Our Water

The Heretaunga Plains have formed from sediments deposited from the Tukituki, Ngaruroro and Tutaekuri rivers over the last 250,000 years. During glacial period’s deep gravel beds were deposited, with sands, silts and clays. This pattern has created a series of aquifers which provide water for the diverse soils of the Heretaunga Plains.

The combination of temperate climate, fertile soil and groundwater for irrigation, enable the production of approximately 50% of the total New Zealand harvest of fruit, vegetables, and grapes on the Heretaunga Plains.

Maori and latterly European settlers have been drawn to Heretaunga for the gifts that nature provides – perfect weather (Hau/Air), geographically resourceful (Wai/Water), and nutrient ground (Papa/Earth) for the growing of food and the growing of a community.

The aquifer under Tomoana is like an oasis in the desert and is protected from surface activity.

Starting from the beautiful snow-capped Ruahine Ranges (home to New Zealand native birds), Tomoana’s aquifer is recharged with some of the world’s finest quality water from the Ruahine Ranges via the Ngaruroro River.

New Zealand Miracle Water extracts pure soft mineral water from their aquifer once it has been aged and naturally purified for 45-55 years. This natural artesian supply of water is free from bacteriological and viral contamination therefore no filtration or chemical treatment is required.